Saturday, December 17, 2005


The Day After the day !

All Iraqis are watching with astonishment on local and Arabic channels reports about the unprecedented success of list 555 , people dancing up and down holding portraits of religious leaders celebrating the victory ! . And worse of all, our very own Condoleeza Rice i.e. Mowafaq al Rubai is popping in and out of these channels talking about forming a government since they have won indisputably! , He said - we will contact the ( small parties) and offer our vision of the future, we have the right now to appoint our own PM !. Now this is terrorizing , also reports say that they have been terrorizing voters especially in southern and middle governorates, where the power of religion is present and simple people are made to think that they are disobeying God if they do not vote properly . Other reports suggest that many voters even were terrorized by local police men who are obviously members of certain pro Iranian militias . A press conference held moments ago , where Safia al Suhail and other members of 731 explained the situation and how such irresponsible announcements especially by a government official is bound to confuse the voters and send a wrong message that they are already in charge and will give many the right to act accordingly .
It is likely that the Party is over and every one is going to roll their sleeves up now and get on with the cleaning up ! . Poor poor us!!


Blogger D.C. said...

Hi Iraqi Roulette,

You must be a bit tired of all that religious craze.
I sure am.

One thing is good though, Iraq had one election and will have many others.

Just found this recently, thought it might make you smile.

1:44 PM  
Blogger D.C. said...

Oops, Cute Overload's images are gone, wait a bit, but make sure to check it out later.
You will see photographs of animals you probably never saw before.

1:47 PM  

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