Sunday, November 20, 2005


A logic axiom

Socrates is a Human being
Human beings are mortal
= Socrates is mortal

Saddam is Evil
Saddam is finished
= Evil is finished
Wrong ; refer to Abu Ghraib , Al Jadriea Shelter, phosphorous bombs in faluja etc…..

Let’s try again :

Saddam was a barbarian
The world was against him
= The world is not barbarian i.e. Civilized
Wrong again : refer to Abu Ghraib , Al Jadriea Shelter, phosphrous bombs in faluja etc…..

The conclusion :- Socrates was a dupe, human beings are beyond repair .

Correct the above mentioned axiom to :

…. It is the law of the Jungle Mowgli… (an axiom by Bagheera , another great philosopher )

…. Does one need to mention , that the horror shelters, the mysterious eerie houses, in which people enter, yet do not exit are back. The Houses of pain , Bone break Hotels are reopened upon persistent demand after proving that this is the only verified way to rule this ungrateful nation of half starving women and bare foot children and handicapped men from the countless recent wars … What !!! are you people still alive ?? Is there actually still a generation in Iraq that has not had it's dosage of concentration camps yet ?? Is there any one that accidentally has not enjoyed the exclusive services of “The world of Cables” previously , – “The World of Drills “ at the present -*??? . Sorry folks we led you to the illusion that it was over, and someone is actually here to help , we apologize sincerely , Well we are trying to correct this unforgivable error , we are even working overtime to make it up ….
……But, by the way who are we really ???

Conversation of the deaf :

Q. : Why were those tortured people found in that shelter and what do you know about it?
The Minister : First of all, I invite you all to go there and see for yourselves , the liars they said there were 170, while they were only 7 , and that place, it was only temporary the liars they claimed there are many of such houses .
Q . The question was not where or how much, it was WHY ? Why were there such cases?
The Minister : The people you saw were the worst terrorists ever …..
Q: the question is not who, it is WHY ….. Ohhhh just leave it .

I f you write about your fears , you are a pessimist , negative and destructive.
If you write ironically out of mere pain , you are numb sensed and are trying to make fun of the ailments of your fellow citizens.
If you are write optimistically and try to look at the bright side and the full half of the glass you are an idiot and you are fantasizing for the benefit of "you know who ….."

I agree that there is nothing to be optimistic about anymore, especially after the events of last week , A very wise man once said : a pessimist is a better informed optimist .

* Anyone who has been locked up at the time of Saddam talked about electrocuting and beating by thick cables , now bodies are found with pierced bones by drills, it is becoming nearly an autograph.


Blogger Hassan said...

Doesn't it just irritaties you how politicians always seem to go around the question you ask them, and never give you a straight answer. I hate politics.

12:36 PM  
Blogger D.C. said...

Dear roulette,

I don't what to say.

I know, it's a tough world, far from being perfect that is why we must not give up.
The wise man should have add that pessimist must listen to the optmist for hope and the optmist must pay attention to the pessimist for prudence.

Hope you will have better days my friend. To forget the world, you could sit down in front of your tv and watch Asterix or the Anti-pesto S.W.A.T with Wallace & Gromit.
Take care.

3:54 PM  

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