Thursday, December 15, 2005

15/12/2005 afternoon

After a freaky night of voices in the dark telling the dwellers of Baghdad that their water is poisoned . I woke up at about 11 , I went downstairs , his Dad’s Ship was having a bath, so I presumed that everything was a rumor after all . But the sound of warning deep voices in the silence of the night… brrrrrrrrrrrrrr… reminds me of the scene from the Bible, you know the calamities that hit Egypt.
Anyway that in the past .
We went out to vote , our neighbor popped his head from behind the wall –
Hello Abu ……. Hurry up it is getting crowded I already went at 8 o’clock, and even then there were a lot of people - he said to my Dad..
When we got to the center , there was a brawl of some kind, people from other areas were told they had to wait for instructions to go somewhere else to vote .. wow fighting to vote that is good . When you have a right you must use it .On the way back me and my family were reading the posters from the ground cause there were more posters there than on the wall .
- Wow look there is Ahmed Radhi, he is cute , a lot of women’s votes are going to that group , the old men from 618 know what they are doing…. And look Al Badran is smiling over a vast desert , is that desert in England ? …… Ahmend al Chalabi is wearing a polo neck jumper; God he loves himself , And the icing on the cake is 555 , it looks more like a horror movie poster, why don’t they use it in Buffy the Vampire Slayer or something….
I must go and sleep now , to much Excitement for one day and night ...


Anonymous Mary from D.C. said...

Congratulations on your historic vote.

I enjoy reading your blog. Interesting details.

5:23 PM  

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