Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Politicians are sharpening their teeth , with all these… well… funny commercials they are running on most channels … if life was not that hard I would have actually enjoyed myself Watching them.
The recent government has failed Iraqis in everyway, with great success. Although they seem to have entirely different information from where they are , they insist that everything is going fine . A week or two ago Our PM made a speech where he was counting all the achievements he managed to accomplish. I was silent when he talked about the security, because how would he know anyway it is not as if he walks around the streets like other mortals. As he went on I did not really pay much attention , but when he said -electricity improved- I howled like a wounded wolf , especially with the street generator roaring and a summer spent in hell like heat , but then again how would he know. Didn’t his minister deny when a hundred and something tortured men were found in Al Jadria shelter last month, that there were such cases at all .
What everyone fears is a further relapse, although many say we have already hit the bottom, reached the worst and there is no where worse to reach . But still a religious autocracy was not what most of Iraqis had in mind . No one thought that after suffering for so long the oppressed will turn in to oppressors .
Assassinations are carried out to settle disagreements just like before but now by different parties , well I guess that is some kind of pluralism !.
Muzher Al Dulaimi was assassinated today , only yesterday I watched a TV debate where he was talking of his plans and today another war casualty , I mean an election casualty .


Anonymous Don Cox said...

The electricity is really puzzling, because loads of equipment has been installed. Is the problem sabotage in local areas? Or is the demand rising faster than the new equipment? There is a mystery somewhere.

11:00 AM  

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