Saturday, October 22, 2005


Today at about 12 , a blast shook Al Mansour Area . Dijla Primary school was hit by a missile . The Children ,and needless to say their parents ,who raced like crazy to the scene, got the shock of their lives. Children said it was class 5th -A- ( children in that stage are about 10 years old) , three people were killed, one of them a little girl, a little pink rucksack with a Barbie doll picture on it stained with her innocent blood was what remained of her .
Why a school ? Because near that school there is a Company , a foreign Company, and rumors have been suggesting for a while, that Americans and all sorts of aliens have been going in and out of that Co., of course you understand how rumors can build up it may as well be an ordinary Iraqi Co. , but who cares the verdict has been issued . Anyway true or false it resulted in a tragedy this noon for the little ones.

Today I have a personal tragedy . Yes indeed . You see, just as you get attached to people through your life time you also get attached to places and corners, specially in your home town, where most of your memories accumulated . It could be a park, an old tree even a fast food shop . Of course you understand it is not the beauty of the place that leads to such an attachment , it may not be a big deal to anyone else but you , as I said it’s all about the memories ,that bound you to the place .
I got in terms over the years with the fact that places change just like people , it is a part of growing up . But, when the change is afflicted by people the impact doubles . .Today, my mate at the office told me that the Statue of Abu Jafar AL Mansour was blasted .
What ? how come? ,when ?
- Yes, today , in the early hours of this morning .
- Oh no, please say it isn’t so , I did not hear anything .
- Why are you so upset ?
- You don’t understand, I loved that monument .Suspicious looks attacked me from everywhere .
- No, honestly as far as I remember it has been there . I remember that when the school bus used to drop me when I was a child of 6 to school, reaching the statue was an indication that we reached hell moth ( i.e. school ), and on the way back, when we passed the statue again it was an indication that the day is over and in moments we are going to bee back home to Mum’s embrace . Hundreds of other small things that form my life and my childhood revolves around that place ,where we lived .
- Who did it? and why ?. A Sunni co worker said “ I was told it was Bader Brigade, cause they think that he is a tyrant ,who killed holy men. ( We are talking centuries ago here !!!).
A Shii co worker snapped back aggressively:
- Oh yeh, Well I have different information. I was told that the Kurds are going around targeting all genuine Arabic monuments . I intervened, knowing what these discussion can lead to : - Just let it stand there for God’s sake , who was it troubling . Now it will never be restored, they will replace it with some tasteless statue or something related to this militia or that .
History is History, you just have to take it as it is without omitting things according to politics or religion. One should be completely impartial about it because these are facts : materialistic facts . In Moscow for instance, the church of St. Basil was built in the era of Ivan the terrible himself ,no one demolished that , the pyramids were constructed by power crazed pharos , many monuments were kept from the era of Stalin in Russia ,even though the whole era was reevaluated by Russians, cause monuments do not involve only kings and rulers, they involve people and time . What will be next . Will they decide that Babylon ( or what is left over from Babylon by international looters ) was built by an infidel, therefore it must be wiped away .

Saddam’s Trial

Saddam’s Trial is supposed to be the trail of the century , For the world may be , but for most Iraqis it is just passing by as any other event . A couple of years ago, to see the dictator in a cage was a thought no one even dared to think just in case the Mukhbarat have imported from the west some gadgets or apparatus, which may read one’s thoughts . Yet, now this event has as we say in Iraq “lost it’s taste” . We have been through so much the past three years, that numbers seem to make anyone confused . AL Digale Saddam’s master piece massacre, which seemed three years ago so gruesome ( he executed 143 people in a rage of revenge for an assassination attempt) does not impress anyone now with what has been going on . 143 , 150 , 200 300 1000 are now daily casualties . Torture, Rape, violation of human rights are also a daily dose ,that Iraqis have to take . Saddam prosecuted people on mere suspicion , that is exactly what is happening now in “liberated Iraq” . Human right watchers are reporting the same shocking reports . The chambers of horror are reopened and the fire is being nourished with fresh bodies by invaders, fanatics and criminals .
Hard times are here to stay.


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