Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Trial

..” Please , allow me to speak , may I just clarify one thing, I did not sleep the other night cause I sat writing an appeal to you your honor …..” that is what he said ..
Please !!!! May I !!!! Was that really the brutal Dictator that terrorized us, and used to scare the living day lights out of me.
Yes, my friends Life is like a stormy sea one wave raises you so high you can almost touch the clouds ,while another wave plunges you down flat on your face.
I always used to believe firmly that to judge a person you have to know him when he was strong and triumphant , only then one shows his true colors , yet when defeated and weak , anyone becomes meek , vulnerable , even kind .
The next morning me and the gang at office were discussing the trial , one said
- why was the Judge so polite? why did he not exercise more authority in the court . The rest of us thought that the Judge was very civilized and impartial and that is how it should be actually : - Yes but that butcher showed no mercy to anyone when he was at the top .
- Well lets say that it is his good luck that he has such a trial : Yeh, he was always lucky and got away with anything ,including invading other countries ,using chemical weapons and turning everything he touched into ashes . Even now he is finding people defending him under the excuse that life has become even more rotten now.
Now that is lucky , minds are changing in his favor , many have already forgotten what used to happen then , having witnessed the horrors of the present . Any way we concluded our forum in the office , recalling when his brother Barzan was saying …His Excellency the president of Iraq .. ,most of us thought he was referring to his brother , but he continued …Mr. Jalal Talabani , Well well , his own brother has come to terms with it , so why don’t the rest.


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Hopefully, one day, Baghdad will be as peacefull as the North. People will return from their self imposed exile and our efforts will not have been in vain. Although I am a worlds away and have no knowledge of the situation on the ground (except what I read and see in the news (which I don't much believe) and what I read in Iraqi blogs (which I do very much believe) I still have HOPE.

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