Sunday, April 09, 2006


The bombing of Buratha mosque requires retaliation, and it will happen of course, more blood and destroyed buildings are required to set records straight.
Donald Rumsfeld said : If a civil war is to happen in Iraq , “as if it hasn’t yet” , we will not interfere . Now, that is really reassuring, we can really sleep safely now. To rephrase we can say, that we will be efficiently delivered form a dictator’s grip to the hands of combating fanatics and thugs . Now, that is one hell of a present , you know on the occasion of the 9th of April and all . To herald a civil war.... what more can one ask for . Many happy returns of the day !!!
Yesterday, Hosni Mubarak gave an exclusive interview to AL Arabia channel , he was asked -as tradition necessitates- about his views on the possibility of a civil war . As I said it has been a well established tradition to talk about the civil war in Iraq in a suggestive way for the last year or two . He said : “ there is a civil war already in Iraq” , he also said that traditionally the Shias are more loyal to Iran than to the countries they live in .
So, Al Jafari , in spite of his demanding schedule , that consists making everybody else’s life as miserable as possible , actually bothered and took the time to address the nation criticizing these statements and declaring that the Shias are as patriotic as all the other members of the happy Iraqi family, the colors that form the Iraqi rainbow , the ..etc..etc. …"It is not the time Cato" as the immortal Insp. Jacques Clouseau says . Just get on with your work for the sake of all the Shia’s, Sunnis , Christian Saints .


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