Friday, April 07, 2006


It looks like it is going to rain again . Three days ago it was pouring as if all Iraqis had decided to have a good cry together . The streets were full of filthy lakes ( not puddles, lakes ) .
The Boss of all Bosses called us for an emergency meeting, in the view of the recent targeting of Companies and offices .
Last week black cars parked near a Co. in Al Dawoodi, men in uniforms got out , entered the Co. , asked the employees to step out of the office and stand in a line and they shot them all down , three women and five men . That is how the eye witness reported the whole story . After that they just hopped in their cars and drove away . It is the most terrifying incident till now , I mean, there has been kidnapping and shooting of employees before, but the method is novel. You know to line them; both men and women and execute them at about eight o’clock in the morning.
So, we were asked to be careful, although our office is no big deal at all , and no ransom what so ever would be paid just in case, in fact the gangs themselves should offer us some material support.
We sat down me and my mates near the window watching the rain pour, reflecting on how much worse things may get . My friend brought a huge box of candies and we sat worrying and stuffing our faces simultaneously:
-Hey, give me the red ones they are supposed to have a strawberry flavor, I said extending my hand.
- They all taste the same, the colors are just different, she said handing the box over.
- So, what is it we must do in case they kill us ? I asked crunching the rock hard sugary sweets.
- Well , he said to run down the back stairs .
- Ah, I see , take these things away from me, I ate about 20, they are horrible. I said wrinkling my nose.
The door bell rang , My friend involuntarily looked at me . I joked with our other mate who went to see who it was : - If it is the – Maghaweer- ( a special force formed by the Ministry of Interior, the nearest translation is Commandos may be, whenever there is an accident people report that the culprits were dressed like them!!! A Regular Coincidence??? ) if it is the Maghaweer tell them I am not in mood to die today, will you love.
That was three days ago. Today they let us out early everyone is expecting the worst . Everyone is saying the shops in Najaf and Karbala are closed . Although Najaf Governor denied any unusual incidents yesterday in Al Arabia channel when asked , everyone is expecting more blood shed, this time in support of Al Jafary .
Al Jafary and Muqtada have been on amicable terms for quite a while now , they both spill phrases of praise whenever the other is mentioned . Al Jafary is expecting that Al Mahdi Army will come to the rescue, when the going gets tough .
Although he declared yesterday that he would “gladly “ step down if the “parliament” asks him too, also he said something that I thought at first I was half asleep or something when I heard. It sounded a bit senseless, he said : "All my life I’ve been seeking confrontation, I always wanted someone to kill me in the name of a cause" , of course these are the most comprehensive words to convey what he said, cause he is always going round and round in circles getting nowhere.
It is really no big deal, I mean if he really, truly , madly wants to get killed all he has to do is step out of the green Zone , his wish is the most attainable of all wishes nowadays in Iraq.
As I was saying, Everyone is dreading street fights and looting here in Baghdad and the southern areas . What will the Americans do in that case? No one knows : Will it be like at the beginning of the invasions when looters took their time in lifting all that could be lifted , and sometimes what could not be lifted without a fork lift . As I was told by an old co worker who witnessed looters actually bringing trucks and lifts an drills to assist them looting heavy machinery from Ministries, nothing was done then, they just let them go on for months . Or would they take a more active role ? Which choice is better ? A hard hard choice.

I am listening to my favorite songs from Jesus Christ Superstar , I love all the songs in that movie, I know most by heart , especially the Gethsemane song , now it really bears special meanings for me …
…..I'm not as sure, as when we started.
Then, I was inspired.
Now, I'm sad and tired.
Listen, surely I've exceeded expectations,
Tried for three years, seems like thirty.
Could you ask as much from any other man?
But if I die, ……………….
Saddams trial’s ratings are dropping sharply , may be the Producing Co. will have to take it off soon …


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