Wednesday, September 14, 2005


May be it is related to Tel Afar or may be not. It is not that important any more it has happened …. Another Bloody Wednesday ( refer to all the other tragedies that hit Iraq recently ,they all occurred mystically and exclusively on Wednesdays) .
All the signs of a new gory period have been lurking for a couple of days .
Early this morning an explosion roared in Al Kadhimia. I read that in the news subtitle of Al Arabia channel . I got more details when I reached the office , they said that the victims were workers standing waiting for a job . In Iraq there are specials waiting spaces in most areas, where builders and workers gather for any one who may have a job, for instance contractors may go there if they have a house to demolish or build , a house owner who wants to repair his house or garden . So , what happens is that when any car stops it is usually an employer, the workers gather to hear his offer and what ever number required for the job goes after reaching an agreement . This time they gathered and the “employer” made them an offer they just couldn’t refuse . The car exploded reaping again the most unfortunate . More than 80 were killed and 150 wounded dangerously in that one explosion .

A horrid execution was carried out in Al Taji .17 men were dragged out of their beds this morning and executed by men in uniform.
Ameria.,Wazireah. Hay Al Adel , Al Shulaa also had their share . All the streets and bridges were blocked ,and everyone I know had someone stuck in some area of Baghdad and just couldn’t get through where they needed .
God have mercy


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Hey Iraqi Roulette..

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