Saturday, August 06, 2005

It was a cruel cruel summer .......


Last week was completely disastrous speaking service and security wise , the electricity is deteriorating with every hour , and it is even resulting in putting people out of business . Our local shop owner was getting bags of rotten hamburgers and chicken drumsticks out of his freezer since the generator could not catch up with the pressure. He was telling me that carpenters and welders are suffering just the same .
I popped by an internet café “closed for maintenance” they said and so on .
in AL Iskan Area sewerages wastes are flowing freely on the streets no one even can dare to pop his noses out of a car window .
And people are going on an on about it every where from TV screens to radio stations, a frustrated woman said with fury on one radio program the other day : I live behind al Jafari’s house and the power does not go out for a second there .
Al Jafari on the other hand was full of confidence two days ago announcing that Iran , Syria, Turkey are going to provide us with extra Mega watts of power he said and I qoute : the electricity has always been one of my priorities !!!!
I think this last summer has vanquished the last shred of optimism people had left.


King Fahad is dead , long live the King

Now lets see: Yser Arafat, Shiekh Zaid, Rfeeq Al Harirri , King Fahad, before them Hafez al Asad , king Hussein
Hossni Mubarak still on the Run , Saddam Hussein Hanging on a thread and Muamer Qadafi obove all odds still there … when you got to go you just got to go .

An Oasis in the desert

When you listen and some times even look at some of the fanatic clergy men they show these day you really can easily fall into a well of despair .
Stating the obvious , repeating platitudes and insinuating that they and whom they represent are actually -although you may not notice it- the chosen ones .

But suddenly amidst the bazaar of shouting traders comes the moderate voice of Ayad Jamal Al Deen .
I really could not believe my ears when I watched his interview on Al Hura the other day, here is a clergy man and yes a Shii calling for freedom and a secular government to safeguard religion from the harm resulting from dragging it through the dark and ambiguous allays of politics . Also he demonstrated sound understanding of the role Iran is trying to play in Iraq .
Sitting comfortably smiling in his chair looking pleasant and agreeable, he opposes so sharply other roaring clergy men who are surrounding themselves with a halo of divinity.
He does not have to yell but his words are so loud and clear, he is a man of peace and love who has no problemn in visiting churches to celebrate Christmas , admits that Europe is a haven which Muslims aim to in order to escape their tyrannical rulers and that true Islam can only be practiced under governments who respect human rights .
He also expressed an opinion stating that Al Sistani is actually harming the political process by supporting this or that list and that the Sunnis should take an active part in politics for the sake of the rest. In other words he is not taking any side but the side of freedom , he said “ they who manage to recognize truth in spite of beliefs imposed by tradition and society are usually the ones who manage eventually to change the world to the better “

Ameen !!!


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