Sunday, July 31, 2005

Reasons to be more frustrated in Iraq (as if there weren’t enough already )


- The extreme deterioration of services and the absolute absence of security in the streets of Iraq is really taking it’s toll on the patient and long suffering Iraqis .
The assassination of three members of the constitution committee sent various but quite disappointing messages to Iraqis anticipating democracy. All that in addition to:-

-Including Furs ( Persians ) as a main nationality in the
draft of the Iraqi constitution, what is that supposed to mean anyway!!! In what part of Iraq do these “Furs” live? why didn’t we know of them till now ???

- Al Jafari’s visit to the grave of Khumaini in Iran hurt a lot of feelings out there. Many wounds of the Iraq-Iran war have not yet healed , of course we all want to move on and leave agonizing memories behind us and we also know that the Iranian people were just as unfortunate as we were, but that does not mean that their leader should visit Saddam wherever he is locked up if he decides to drop by for a cup or (a Stikan) of tea someday.
Every and each Iraqi family has horrid memories of that gloomy period , An invalid here, a mentally handicapped ex POW there, not mentioning those who just vanished without further information and left tragedies behind them .
Many will say that Saddam is the one and only one to blame for that war , but still visiting Khumaini’s grave was not necessary, what was he exactly thanking him for ??? I think he should think of complementing his own people instead of his neighbors.

-Another reason for despair is the constant insisting on converting Iraq to an Islamic Republic .
The whole War according to conspiracy theories was to stop the ambitious expansion of Iran and to disrupt exporting the Islamic Revolution by unleashing Saddam (being as initiative and prepared to please the west as he was back then) to do that job for the World. As a result millions were killed from both sides but the mission was actually accomplished. Khumeni was stalled by the Angel of death’s arrival before finishing what he had started and he pronounced his lethal words having to sign the seize fire document “ by Allah it is like having to drink poison”, So why is his legacy still living? why is there a strive to throw Iraq into the cold embrace of Iran and form such a republic . The suggestion of ( the Islamic Federal Republic of Iraq ) is rather confusing .

- The attempt to pass law 137 (meaning the cancel of Personal Law) is really becoming a topic everywhere .
It is acceptable for women to die, to work and hold the country together while men were getting killed , to get abducted, tormented, raped but they are still not considered equal .Equal in duties but not in rights.
The new forming gap between Sunnis and Shies is likely to widen if that law is passed, because there are differences in the interpretation of many aspects of Sharia. But since the law has been one for both sides till now, no one really cared about it when it came to marriage for instance .You knew that your rights would be preserved anyway by the law if it came to divorce or inheritance . Thus it is more than natural to find in one family a Sunni and a Shii.
If this law is passed it will be a matter to consider, how can you marry some one who has different conventions ruling marriage and inheritance? you will have to convert . It means emphasizing differences that no one actually sensed before.

-The other frustrating issue: is that all Iraqis are seeing the concern of other governments when it comes to compensating victims of terror attacks .But in Iraq these things just pass by unmentioned. If Iraqis have already lost hope in their government shouldn’t some one else take care of that ? why shouldn’t some of the really capable and wealthy Iraqis take this humanitarian mission into their hands . Compensating a family that lost everything with a reasonable sum to start again can not be that difficult .

-And the last thing , why is it when freedom or democracy is mentioned these two words are synonymous to immorality ,decadence and depravity :
We must maintain our Arabic and Islamic values and principals they say! who said the opposite, the natural question arises , freedom of choice and will is the pedestal of Islam. Why should we fear to be free that much ?


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