Monday, July 25, 2005


Dead Iraqis Society

Two days ago another car exploded at the entrance of the same center for volunteering near Al Muthana Airport.May be this is the seventh time it happens .
I mean come on lightning does not actually strike twice the same place! , something here just does not fit .
Any moron could solve this dilemma, either you move the flaming center from there , or the volunteers stop going there … Great ,We are getting somewhere here …
Not considering the first solution is provoking all kinds of conspiracy theories in the Iraqi cafés and shops , people are swearing by the almighty Allah that the Americans are deliberately assembling Iraqi males there to get rid of them bit by bit , well we really can’t do much about that can we ? …
The second possible solution is that the Iraqis just have to stop going there.
By the way, why do they keep going on and on and on , why do they insist on living? why do they just keep going to enlist to death .
Well ladies and Gents because they don’t have much of a choice !. I t is the center for enlisting after all, and every single one of these poor people uses this logical formula each and every morning : There is a probability law ain’t there ? … so may be I’ll get blasted away to the other world today or I may not … but if I stay here hanging around there is only one probability : I will starve , so its of to the interview with the soul reaper .

And that is how we are all living here : by the LAW OF PROBABILITY.

The manual on how to get killed in Iraq

It was another frantic day in Baghdad and Musaiab .
Before danger used to come only from one source . If some one got killed, kidnapped, tortured the answer to the question “who did it ? “ could only be one : SADDAM AND HIS MERRY MEN . Yet, how many Mini SADDAMS are wandering round the wrecks with blood stained hands and blood dripping fangs at the present ? only God knows .
The streets of Baghdad today are a freaky place.
Death comes from :
- Reckless or panicking US soldiers who want to get through the bloody streets as fast as their wheels can Go so you could easily get crashed or shot ,
- Or street gangs who are stripping some poor devil from his hard earned car,
- Or a political group that has some home work to do before elections and needs badly to remove some thorns from the stem of the power flower,
- Or revenge actions against ex-hang men, or religious clashes between the traditional rivals.
- Or fanatic Islamic human bombs who are exported to us with the complements of our loving neighbors.
- And last but not least Military operations , in which you are no necessarily an active participant , (Refer to the latest Oxford study on civilian casualties in Iraq).

In addition to all the above mentioned : no electricity well nearly , some times no water ( if available usually polluted) and no jobs which means consequently more trouble on the streets.

-Mary Antwanette : Why are those People angry Monsieur ???
-Because they are starving they don’t have enough bread your Majesty.
-Mary Antwanette : But Why don’t they eat cake instead !!!

For the past few days the electricity has been a bitch . I’ve been blowing my head off with fits of frustration and despair and vows to …. Do nothing and just shut up as I always have .
Even the well informed on every issue Oprah opened her mouth wide when an Iraqi woman told her in her talk show that electricity is still a tragedy in Iraq .
The heat reached 52 degrees it’s just like a wing in hell, all the other surroundings are there too , you know lots of demons , misery and pain …
After a wretched night I woke up as though I’ve been run down by a train. I took a blistering hot shower and went to the crummy office I work in consoling myself that the Generator will compensate me , yet alas the Generator Dude said that he had it on all night so we’ll just have to put up with his unfair resolution to keep it off “ besides there is no Gas” . We sat in a sauna like atmosphere me and my two mates gazing in one another’s eyes stupefied with our impotency to change the world , then M.. went and brought us canes of coke we gulped them instantaneously ,it didn’t help , when our eyes finally started to look suspiciously insane The Boss of all Bosses told us generously that we may leave an hour earlier !
Hurray… but what hurray , when I got home after a walk reminding me of that part when Peter O’tool and Omar Sharief walked through the desert in “Lawrence of Arabia” I reached home and I had to bang my fist blue on the scalding door to be heard. I went in and found it even hotter . In the living room His Dad’s Ship was sitting in front of the tube watching some relaxed “not hot” guy…what Dad he is the Minister of Electricity …oh I see . You know those times when some one makes a statement that you really I mean really don’t need to hear something that is ridiculously inappropriate . like asking some one in Iraq the unforgivable question : How was your Day? … well that is what happened with that Minister chap they ask him about the flaming electricity and he asked the Iraqi people to economize with it !!! he said use fans, why don’t you use fans? if all Iraqis use fans there would be no problem at allllllllll . His Dad’s ship reacted very calmly to that exasperating remark and continued drinking his hot hot Iraqi tea sitting under a slow slow fan operating on a loud loud street generator and finally said : But electricity is a necessity for us not a luxury you twat ... another sip of tea . ….

Next stop Rawa

Today military operations started in Rawa , what will they lead to still not clear …

We only live twice !!!

Watched a film about the last day in Nikolai Chauchesko’s life . I remember that day well. But honestly I’ve heard that history repeats itself but to that extent ! amazing !!
Yesterday they released footages of Saddam’s interrogation hearings and this time his voice was clear , he is still living on a planet of his own. His exact words were : I do not recognize this court, who appointed you …
The exact words of Chauchesko were : I do not recognize this court who appointed you .

London was alarmed by Gun shots today, five shots they said I repeat five.
I love London such a quite place, downtown Baghdad five bombs/day is acceptable …. quite acceptable.
Thank God it was not like the last attack, only one man was injured.


A holocaust poem
First they came for the Jews, I did not care because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for the Communists, I did not care because I was not a Communist.
Then they came for the trade unionists, I did not care because I was not a trade unionist.
Then they came for me and there was no one left to care for me.
A friend of mine told me that he is in despair cause his hair is getting to long and he is starting to resemble a made street tramp , but the trouble is that his favorite barber got killed a week or two ago.
Another friend told me that her hairdresser is cutting only her trustworthy costumers hair at home after receiving an unambiguous death threat , so she had to close her beauty salon …
Well what will happen will they all close down ? Hairdressers: yes, since all women should cover up , but barbers are allowed to cut strictly with accordance to certain hair regulations imposed by the assaulters . Of course some barber shops and hairdressers have been attacked or burned down . And the police … zero attention , zero action .
CD shops, hairdressers what next schools, colleges , grocery shops …… people are just abiding with these rules.
It takes a whole nation to stand against terror , but who has the time , so many other things to do !

WOMEN GO HOME “ It used to be Yankees go home in the olden days! “

The first time in my life and may be it is also the first time in women’s movements history that women held up banners where the following slogan appeared : NO TO EMANCIPATION. I repeat: the banners were carried by women .that all took place in a demonstration held in reply to a previous demonstration where women protested against regulation No. 137.


No war is far enough….

Egypt was attacked today, casualties immense , till now 88 deaths and more to come. Most and I emphasize most Arabs think that this is cool, you know resisting the invaders by killing more civilians, well really I don’t see the link

If I cripple a country and sow fear in order to lock people in their homes and deprive them their chances to earn money honestly then my message is delivered… victory ... that means that God and his prophets have absolutely nothing to do with all this : it is just a battle for the ultimate state of control …
The mistakes of shortsighted politicians led to such tragedies. America and some Arab governments empowered these terrorists to do their dirty work outside their territories , but monsters often turn against their creators …


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