Thursday, July 13, 2006


A night to remember

When war comes literally to your doorstep, you have to seriously start thinking about your past life. You start giving oaths to be a better person if you were to be granted just one other day . When you are stuck in the clammy clamp of death you become… how can I put it … A better person ?, or you wish to be a better person at least. Many times during my life I nearly died and each time that happens, it is as if a different brain, a spare part brain , or an Auto brain starts to take over , my perceptions changes momentarily, suddenly, all the things that seemed a minute ago so important to me seize to be so . I am suddenly ready to embrace the whole human race, forgive and forget everything , I don’t care whether I have enough money, my boss is so sweet and kind and not so bad after all. My Dad is eh …. well no, that I won’t admit even on my death bed, he is always wrong and I will always be right and that is the end of it !.
Yesterday nigh, Weapons of all sorts and sizes were used against masques and even against houses by Al Mahdi Malitias in Al Ghazalia , Al Khadraa, AL Mansour and other areas . Imams were calling for people to come and protect their areas in loud speakers . Some locals were shooting in the air from their roof tops in attempt to keep the thugs away .What was amazing though, was, that the police were standing not interfering neither positively nor negatively, and the Americans were no where to be seen also .
It is no longer a case to be denied ; the civil war is openly being fought now . People have been in denial for quite a while ( me included) , but we have to admit that Iraq is cancer positive and some parts just have to be amputated and maybe chemical therapy will be the only solution . Who ever is behind it all seems to have succeeded , even the reporters are reporting the casualties of war in a new manner , for instance 14 Shias , 10 Sunnis … were killed in this or that Sunni or Shi’i area , forgetting , that there is actually no Sunni or Shia area , in fact there are no Sunni or Shia families , but this whole matter has been stubbornly pushed in that direction for obvious reasons.

This terrible night followed the horrifying events in Hay Al Jihad area, where groups from Al Mahdi militia were stopping people in the streets asking them to show their ID ; if the name had any Sunni implications they just shot the person , although many Shiis were killed to . A friend of mine told me that her relatives moved to her house after fleeing Hay AL jihad and they were Shiis that were threatened too. They told her that the militias members were kids, kids with weapons shooting people automatically, which painfully reminds us of Rwanda, when kids were given guns and programmed to kill even there parents.
The Government is not in a hurry to do anything , or I shall not be that harsh on them , may be they just can't do anything ; sitting, debating, analyzing, philosophizing . But when the night falls on Baghdad it is just the average Iraqi; Sunni or Shii in the face of death in it’s many recent forms .
Preparing yourself for death is never an easy task , you always feel that you still have a lot of things to do and accomplish. So I’ll go back to read the book I’ve started “A Pale View of Hills” by Kazuo Ishiguro, I hope I’ll accomplish that .......


Blogger Don Cox said...

I suppose the extremists on both sides have worked really hard to get a civil war started - a war that few people in Iraq wanted - so we have to give them credit for all their trouble. Al Qaeda are probably the main force, accompanied by a selection of Saddam's former staff, but I think the Shia militia are equally to blame. Behind them is Iran, and I suspect Iran has been arming and financing both sides. The alliance of Syria and Iran is dangerous.

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