Friday, June 09, 2006


One Baron more , one Baron less … Ahhh what the heck

What ? Al Zarqawi is dead ?
What is there to expect? that our lives will get back to normal ? Well, one problem less I guess . Many Iraqis do not believe he even existed at the first place, and when I say ; do not believe; I mean really, absolutely 100% positive that he is a myth, an invented character designed to create and direct fear , to pull him out of the hat whenever needed .
A colleague of mine thinks that Al Zarqawi is like the infamous Ax murderer ( Abu Tubar ) from the early seventies. Many Middle age Iraqis still remember him well , and believe, that he was invented by “ some say the Ba'athis some say the CIA” to terrorize Iraq from north to south . That serial killer managed to force Iraqis to flee Iraq , to bolt their doors at nights and to march armed in groups along streets taking turns after sun set, protecting their communities .
I personally believe that there actually is “or now was” a Zarqawi . Why shouldn’t there be ? with all the circumstances more than convenient for him to work, unlike in his homeland Jordan.
Although, I think he owes much of his success and fame to the media that created his legend. I mean there are so many talented terrorists out there dying for a chance and a moment of stardom , but without opportunity , without a launching platform; who will ever care . Talent is not enough, someone has to point you out and say that you are actually the real deal , and that anything you say is a words of wisdom let it even be something like “ striped trousers and checkered shirts make a bad fashion statement” . Yeh , everyone needs a launching platform , a promoter ; actors, writers, singers, terrorists and even blogers need that for God’s sake …
I even suspect that the media actually put a few ideas into Abu Musaab’s head , I doubt that he had in mind at the very beginning ideas of igniting a civil war or declaring the first “Islamic Imara” in the century , but in the process of work , as things moved on and as channels and politicians promoted him he grew more conscious of his role and really got in to it .
But, show business has no mercy, it is a jungle out there I tell you , they made him, they filled him with vanity, then they finally led to his destruction , just like the late Marilyn Monroe “ just kidding “ .
Anyway, may his soul rest in hell , if his death means that one Iraqi innocent life will be speared , so be gone with him . Who is the next star going to be, I simply can’t wait .
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